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Esther Alonso

Nutritional coach , nutritionist (Master University NUTRITION and HEALTH, UOC, 1500 h -60 ECTS), Food Engineer (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, UPC) cereal expertise,  Anatomy and physiology by ESSR (Ecole Suisse Romande), passionate about food anthropology.

I am Mediterranean, from Barcelona, and I believe in this lifestyle: the pleasure of eating well, slow in a social environment,  good food is a lifestyle that I continue to implement. I believe in the positive emotional value that good nutrition brings us like the air we breathe, our thoughts and our actions. I have an integral vision of the nutritional, physical and mental dimensions.


I practice transversal therapy looking for the origin of the problem, following the PNIE techniques, a model of multidisciplinary medicine, psycho-neuro-immunology whose scientific basis unlike conventional medicine does not treat the symptoms but rather the root cause of the problem which are often based linked to INTESTINAL PERMEABILITY, MICROBIOTIC, HORMONAL or BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS.

My professional career has always been linked to the world of food. My evolution has led me into the world of nutrition leading to my scientific and personal knowledge. When I arrived in Switzerland I discovered that I had Hashimoto's hipotiroidism, a type of autoimmune disease. Thanks to some changes in my lifestyle and habits as well as an anti-inflammatory diet I managed to improve my symptoms and my results.

Respect for ourselves requires good nutrition and love is the first step in our evolution as human beings.

I accompany you to revolutionize your health through nutrition, I offer you personalized support through coaching strategies to achieve your goals . THIS IS MY GOAL!




Nutritional rebalancing



Childhood and adolescence


Food processing/cuisinology

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